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Coachella Valley Brewing Co - Harvester DIPA

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Coachella Valley Brewing Company uses 3 hops and 3 types of grapefruit to brew this double IPA weighing in at 9.0% ABV. The flavors meld together really well and prove to be a solid double IPA!


Coachella Valley Brewing Company


Double IPA

9.0% ABV


Bottle Looks:

The bottle is wrapped with a classy, rather small black label with a simple tree logo on it in a bright green color.  The matte black label includes some basic information regarding the brewery, style and ABV but otherwise it’s really simple.  On the back of the bottle there is a description of the beer with a list of ingredients including the grain bill, hop list and description of the three different grapefruits that are used. b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_3103.jpg


The Visuals:

This beer has a slight amber color with an orange glow. The beer is crystal clear, surprising considering the amount of hopping in this beer. The head is a light fluffy foam of slightly off-white color.The head leaves a great lace around the glass that was surprising considering the high octane ABV on this one.



The Scents:

The aroma from this beer is solidly hoppy but also has a pronounced malt note to it.  The Maris Otter base grain really provides a great foundation for the other layering of aromas.  There is a slightly sweet aroma to the beer, a touch of caramel but it is restrained overall. 

The grapefruit aroma comes through as a fruitiness but not as a sweet juicy aroma.  It provides another layer of aroma that plays very nicely with the other hints in this beer.There is a grassy note that is most likely from the hop bill, almost a touch catty. 


The Flavors: 

The flavors are very subdued compared to other double IPAs that I’ve had. The bitterness is solid but not overdone; it’s a very classy flavor that includes grassy, piney and citrus flavors. The citrus notes are assumed to be a combination of the hops and have a complexity that I don’t see very often. Most other beers that have grapefruit in them are just a grapefruit bomb. I like that, don’t get me wrong, but this combination of flavors is much more complex and interesting to my palate. b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_3092.jpg

The malt bill is providing a solid sweetness that stands up really well to the hops.  The complexity of the bitter flavors has a solid resonance with the Maris Otter and Victory malt in the grist.  The sweetness isn’t an under-attenuated taste, it’s clearly intended to be present to stand up to everything else. The bitterness is very well balanced, surprisingly so considering the style. 


The Feel:

The body of this beer is medium with a moderate level of carbonation. I could use a touch more carbonation personally to help clear my palate after each sip as the bitterness and sweetness combo lingers for a while.  Otherwise the mouthfeel is solid and as it should be for the style. 


The Breakdown:

These days when I see a double (or even worse a triple) IPA on my list of beers review I often get disappointed.  Some beers that I’ve had a really amazing (Heady and Pliny in particular) but otherwise a lot of brewers think that by just killing a beer with hops they can call it a Double IPA.  This beer was a pleasant surprise actually in that the grain bill seems to have been designed around the hop and citrus additions to be able to stand up well.  In addition to the well planned grain bill it seems like the hops were toned down slightly to allow the grapefruit flavors to shine more; a really good decision.  Overall I would give this beer a 4.0 out of 5.0 because of the complexity it achieves without becoming cluttered. If you are looking for a very good example of a well done grapefruit beer check out Harvester from Coachella Valley Brewing Company! It’s available in 22 oz. bottles from their taproom!b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_3097.jpg


About Coachella Valley Brewing Company:

Opened in 2013 Coachella Valley Brewing Company has been committed to crafting unique beers with a desert twist focusing on local agriculture.  Using a state of the art H.E.B.S. (High Efficiency Brew System) to create their beers, CVBC has been hitting upwards of 95% efficiency for a 2 hour brew day (for 17 barrels) using 60% less water and producing 65% less spent grain.  This systematic approach to brewing combined with green technology relative to cleaning and sanitation practices CVBC has established itself as a leader in producing high quality beers while being extremely mindful of the environment.  Check them out on their website www.cvbco.com or at their facebook page /Coachella-valley-brewing-co to get info on their newest brews.


  • Nick Medeiros
    Nick Medeiros Tuesday, 28 April 2015

    Sounds amazing!

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