Oro di Milano (Alina S.R.I) Oro di Milano (Alina S.R.I)

Oro di Milano (Alina S.R.I)

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+39 039 5967268
Via Passirano
20M – 20059 Vimercate (MB)
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Born in Milan, world-class capital for fashion and style as well as new trends catalyst, from here Oro di Milano® beer has taken inspiration and is looking at the market.

But principally Oro di Milano® is a product of Italy and proudly gives expression of the best Italian lifestyle, appreciated and estimated all over the world.

Oro di Milano® is taking place in a really dynamic context in which, thanks to the growing success and general appreciation on craft made products, the beer consumption is yearly increasing constantly in a country, Italy, historically close to wine tradition. But its sophisticated simplicity, its seductive charme, its low alcohol content and its convivial nature are giving beer more and more popularity. .

In this scenario Oro di Milano® aspires to establish itself with high quality philosophy and craft made products, suitable to every situation and able to offer a real excellent alternative to the market as well as a new way to drink beer.

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