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One night, while sitting on a bar stool in a cantina on yet another business trip south of the border, Evan met a most interesting man; No, not that guy, but rather one who really knew beer, and from a European tradition. They talked about Mexico and work and women and life and how, after even the most audacious day, beer always makes life seem better. Evan pondered aloud "I love beer but most beers can't deliver both flavor and a thirst quenching finish I want. I end up drinking watered down light beers just to quench my thirst. Nothing special there.." 

"Perhaps, I can help." was this interesting stranger's reply. "Come with me.." 

And off they went, into the night. Evan wondered what he had gotten himself into. Wandering the streets of this tiny Mexican town wasn't the smartest thing to do.. Until they finally made it to a lonely building, seemingly on the edge of nowhere. As the key slid into the lock of the rusty old door, the stranger said, "Here's where the magic happens." 

With that, the lights came on to reveal a clean and modern brewery. Completely unexpected. 

"This is the other brewery, here in the Baja. Not many know of it.." the man said. Evan's eyes lit up.. 

What transpired from there, as they worked late into the night swapping ideas back and forth, was the plan to brew a perfect beer. Starting with genuine European style yeast, adding American and German grown hops and barley combination, their ideas to brew a perfect beer was finally put to the test in the brewer's private brewing system. 

This was a classic tale of a young entrepreneur with deepening knowledge, infectious enthusiasm with a wise old European trained beer vet, combining their experience to produce a brew that would perfectly meet Evan's expectations: A Rich and full bodied beer, with an amazing smooth and clean finish. And after 21 days of lagering, their expectations were not just met, they were exceeded.

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